In spirituality charisma and gift of the Association Mary guardian of the faith, to serve in the Church. Collaborating to the works of the children of the House home, the elderly and the underprivileged families of basin, through the Garden Foundation of the boxes.

The wardrobe of the poor:

The group goes and we have during the year to the mothers of la Caridad sacks of rice, beans, powdered milk to the orphanage for children in Cuba.

Responsible: Josie Zomerfeld

Visit the sick:

We have (3) images of the Guardianita who visit homes and hospitals to provide support to the sick. Also going to the homes of the more patients to help them with food and all your needs.

Manager: Roger Machin

Cenacle of men; She is responsible for carry cots to Pro life, life right Ft Lauderdale for single mothers without resources.

Manager: Jeff Graham